About Us

Curl Candi is a black-owned all curly hair line and curl care brand beautifully designed for all women with wavy to kinky curly hair. This brand was created by CEO and Entrepreneur Robreauna Ruiz in remembrance of her late mother named Candace Richardson who was an aspiring hairstylist by the name of "Candy".

In 1995, Candy unfortunately passed away at only the age of 20 years old and was unable to fulfill her dreams as a hair stylist in hopes of owning her own hair brand. Curl Candi not only represents a curly hair brand but symbolizes the accomplished goal Robreauna fulfilled for her mother.

Curl Candi specializes in 11 curl types from 2A waves all the way to 4C Afro kinky coils! It's often hard to find  your exact curl pattern when your head is full of different curl textures mixed together, but look NO MORE! Curl Candi is the First ever hair brand to create a line with  EVERY single curl type possible (11 textures) with orgins such as Brazilian, Burmese, Eurasian, Peruvian, Mongolian, and Malaysian textures! From wavy all the way to super coarse kinky coils, no curl is left behind! Curl Candi got the curls on lock!

We also specialize in organic handmade curly hair products to help retain and rebuild the health of our natural curly hair without damaging it with harmful chemicals sold by most brand name hair companies.

Its important to embrace your natural curls and sometimes we just want to add extra length to our curl shrinkage, so Curl Candi got your back!